Long-term credit – Exclusive interest from 1.99%«

If large loan amounts are needed, loans with a long term are recommended. Although these are more expensive in the end, they can be operated with rates that still leave you enough space in the monthly budget. Differences also arise with regard to the collateralization of the loan. The longer the contract runs, the higher […]

To take credit during the probationary period “Exclusive interest from 1.99%”

One of the most important prerequisites for a positive borrowing is proof of a regular longer-term income. Therefore, a bank grants a loan during the probationary period less often. The loan calculator is provided courtesy of Eicredit: Although there is an income during the probationary period, nobody can guarantee the bank that this will remain […]

Credit during parental leave

A loan during parental leave is important for many new parents to be financially secure. With the birth of a baby not only new duties on young couples come to, but also expensive investments. Parental loan   A parental loan helps to dress the baby, to finance furniture for the nursery or to buy a […]

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