Low interest rates on loans: Check conditions for real estate financing now.


How to find a worthy installment loan and its interest rate?

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Some consumers will have already noticed and awaare about the interests of their loan. Loan interest rates are increasingly low single digits, some providers even offer an effective annual interest rate of less than 1 percent for mortgage lending (as of November 2019). Installment loans with a free use also currently offer low interest margins, as do the so-called fixed interest rates for loans with an interest rate calculation that is independent of creditworthiness, which are in the lower single-digit range.

The favorable time for the borrowers regardding the real state financing.

The favorable time for the borrowers regardding the real state financing.

The times are therefore favorable for those who now want to conclude real estate financing, as well as for all other borrowers. Anyone who can also demonstrate good creditworthiness has a good chance of getting a cheap loan that is favorable to your needs. Anyone who already has a property in view or is already planning a specific construction project should take care of the appropriate financing as soon as possible.

Compare the current conditions of the providers with the help of our building interest calculator and then decide on the right offer you want to grab the loan. You will notice that lending rates on the various real estate loans are currently really cheap. With the current interest rate trend, one can also consider longer fixed interest rates. Some mortgage providers have fixed interest rates up to 25 years to choose for the personal loan contract.

No plan of nothing? Doesn’t matter: This is how the process runs until the building finance is successfully completed

No plan of nothing? Doesn

Are you interested in real estate financing, but do not quite see through the jungle of technical terms? That does not matter, because most banks and brokers of building loans offer detailed advice and of course incorporate individual requirements into the loan agreement. Builders or future owners often also get a personal advisor who provides support in all matters relating to financing.

To make the first contact, send an appointment request to the bank or the intermediary, who has the right loan terms for you. After a conversation, loans are then submitted that might be appropriate. Real estate financing is often also compared with comparable offers from other providers to ensure the cheapest loan offer. The customer then only has to decide on the appropriate mortgage and sign the corresponding loan agreement.