Travel time: Use your credit card safely.

Most popular payment

The credit card is still the most popular form of payment on vacation. But especially in poorer tourist regions, fraudsters target the plastic card. So that the trip does not end with an unpleasant experience, credit card holders should observe some security rules. Postbank is now clarifying the most important tricks.

Natural spectacles, sights and cultural exchange, that’s what the Germans need on vacation. But contact with the locals can end badly. If they take possession of the wallet, the holiday fun is quickly over. Credit card holders, on the other hand, who travel informed, know the most common tricks and can prevent theft.

Special caution is required in large crowds. Holidaymakers who are in busy markets, at the train station, at stops or at popular sights should beware of the “Rempel trick”.

Here, the fraudsters pretend a fall or bump, the wallet is stolen during the short distraction. The safest storage for cash and credit cards is still the breast pouch – even if it is considered unsexy. Skepticism is also appropriate when vacationers are asked for money by locals or other German-speaking vacationers.

Even if they promise to transfer the borrowed money soon, strangers should never receive money. Instead, strangers in need should be referred to the embassy or consulate. Anyone traveling in a rental car should also know the “auto trick”. Valuables are stolen from the car when the drivers have been lured out of the vehicle.

Check account movements regularly

Check account movements regularly

Travelers should get detailed information before going on vacation. If necessary, the credit limit has to be increased, a look at the card also reveals the period of validity. If the accommodation is in a rural, less developed area, the availability of ATMs should also be checked. The use of credit cards in shops can also be a problem here.

Anyone who still knows the fees for international use and has noted down the PIN and the emergency number for blocking the card is well prepared. Arrived in the holiday country, however, it is not over with caution. So all invoices should be read carefully before paying to avoid mistakes.

f possible, the credit card should not be lost sight of, and it is usually not recommended to lock it in the hotel safe. In principle, all receipts should be kept and the account movements checked regularly. If a booking cannot be assigned, the credit card provider should be informed immediately.

In the face-to-face conversation, the ambiguity can be quickly removed, but a booking can also be canceled. If the card is misused, it should be blocked.